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Lee Gun trying to remember Kim Mi Young in his dream

happiness everlasting


Fated to Love you Behind the scenes Ep. 18 

#Jang Hyuk is enjoying it too much

#cant blame you there 

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I thought that fate was something special, but it doesn’t seem to be now. The one in front of me right now, I’m fine with everything as long as I’m with her. I can’t imagine loving anyone else but her. I think that’s what fate is. I’m fine even if we aren’t fated to love each other because I’d still love you fatefully.


“I promise that I will love you and adore you all the days of my life until death do us part. No, even after death. I promise that I will love you forever”

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The memory left by Geonie’s appa…

*insert Jung Dongha’s You’re Like a Fate as BGM*
"Geona.. If you’re reading this letter as an adult, you’ll probably already know what’s happened to your father. You’re walking the same road as your father, Geona.. I decided to leave you and your mother, but I know I’ll regret it later. If you face the moment where you have to make the same decision I did, don’t waste your time worrying about the future.. and live every day of your life happily.. my son.. My lovely son, Geona."

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